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The struggle for democracy is ongoing in the US in 2022, with lies, corruption, and violence affecting the nation. Senate Republicans are hindering Democrats from passing even the most popular measures under Biden’s presidency, while inflation is driving up prices and citizens’ rights are at risk. Despite challenges facing the journalism industry, Raw Story is grateful for their loyal readership and their commitment to the fight for representation and pushback against fascism. Contributions and donations are essential to the sustainability of the news industry, and Raw Story is calling on its readers to support them with a donation of $10 or more monthly/$95 or more once to receive advanced ad-free access to original reporting from Raw Story and AlterNet, exclusive investigative content, and more. One-time donations and check donations are also accepted. Raw Story spends support on original investigative reporting and its RawStory+ Membership Program, and donations are not tax-deductible.

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