Inside Curling podcast: Dream come true ft. Isabella Wrana

Isabella Wranå, the winner of the Princess Auto Players’ Championship, joined the hosts of the latest episode of the show. The hosts congratulated her on her victory and asked her about her plans for the prize money. Wranå expressed her excitement about winning and said that it was a dream come true for her. She stated that winning a major tournament like this was significant for her career as a curler.

When asked if the idea of being the Players’ champion had sunk in, Wranå admitted that it hadn’t yet. She said that she was still in a state of shock and couldn’t believe that she had won the tournament. However, she was still basking in the glory of her victory and was enjoying the moment with her teammates.

The hosts then asked Wranå what she planned to do with the prize money. Wranå said that she was not sure yet, but she wanted to invest some of it in her curling career. She stated that curling was an expensive sport, and she needed the funds to support her training and travel expenses. Additionally, she wanted to use some of the money to treat herself and her family to a well-deserved vacation.

Finally, Wranå thanked the hosts and the sponsors for the tournament and stated that she was grateful for the opportunity to play in the championship. She said that she hoped to continue playing at a high level and winning more tournaments in the future. The hosts wished her good luck for her future matches and concluded that they were excited to watch her progress in her career.

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