In a bid to please regulators, TikTok opens its first EU data center in Ireland

TikTok has started transferring European user information to its newly launched data center in Ireland. In an update on Tuesday, TikTok says it’s working on opening two additional data centers in Europe, including one in Norway and another in Ireland.

TikTok says it’s working with the NCC Group, a UK-based security company, to audit its “data controls and protections, monitor data flows, provide independent verification, and report any incidents.” It adds that only “approved employees” can access the controls and operations of the system.

The new data centers are all part of TikTok’s “Project Clover” initiative that aims to localize the storage of European data. It’s the European equivalent of “Project Texas” in the US, which similarly aims to assuage concerns about data privacy by routing user data through servers owned by the American company Oracle.

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