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I’m an 88-year-old bodybuilder and my easy tip can make your muscles bigger WITHOUT working out more

Frank Zane, an 88-year-old bodybuilder, has shared his workout tip to make muscles bigger without the need to work out more. In a recent Instagram post, Zane explains that stretching between sets will double the effectiveness of your workout. The stretch works the muscles being worked, giving the muscles more of a pump. Zane advises breathing deeply and reciting the mantra “I am flexible and can stretch my limits”. The post has already received 3,888 likes and numerous comments from appreciative followers. Zane won the esteemed Mr Olympia and Mr Universe titles three times each throughout his 50-year career and was one of only three in the world to have defeated Arnold Schwarzenegger in professional bodybuilding. He is considered one of the “Top 10 Legends of Bodybuilding” and has a space in the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame. Zane’s success is attributed to his wisdom and focus on quality over the weight and number of reps.

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