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Hungry for Bitcoin and Ether Trading, CME Group Expands Derivatives Offerings

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) will introduce daily expirations for bitcoin and ether futures options contracts from 22 May. Currently only monthly and quarterly expirations are available. Contracts based on micro-sized bitcoin and ether futures will also see the addition of Tuesday and Thursday expiries, joining Monday, Wednesday and Friday. CME’s bitcoin and ether futures and options business saw daily average notional of over $3bn through the first quarter of 2023, a possible indicator of demand for hedging tools as the broader market recovered from a slump. Almost 4,600 ether options contracts have traded since last September when it was launched. Latest data show that 2,357 bitcoin options contracts were traded on 22 March, while open interest hit 14,700 contracts on 31 March.

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