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How Brut India is engaging Gen Z through short-form videos

Short-form video content (SVF) is increasingly popular in India, with an estimated 60% of internet users watching this type of storytelling. Social media platforms are competing in this space as attention spans shorten to an average of around 2.7 seconds and for Gen Z, it is even shorter. Short videos offer an effective way to deliver a message, as 59% of SVF videos are watched for 41-80% of their length. This audience is desirable for marketers, with Gen Z and millennials comprising 52% of India’s population. Data shows that the revenue for Indian short-form video apps is expected to be around $8-12 billion by 2030, spread across three segments: advertising, video commerce and live gifting. Humour is a huge part of SVF, and it brings out creativity, able to communicate and help viewers consume serious news without them realising it. One of the keys to producing good short-form videos is choosing the right story and being authentic to the community. Brut India is largely based on branded content, but only chooses ethical brands that resonate with Gen Z. The publisher aims for high content quality over quantity, paying attention to popular trends, and staying consistent. Long-form videos will continue to evolve, along with short-form videos, with the potential to increase revenue and the subscriber base. Short-form videos will not kill the essence of news, as the length of the video depends on the selection of topics, and for important topics that are time-bound, doing a short-format video and following it up with a long format can be effective.

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