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Here’s What Players Should Expect

Video game publisher Nexon has announced the release of a blockchain-based version of its popular game, MapleStory. The new game, called MapleStory Universe, will be built on the Polygon Supernets blockchain development platform and aims to create an NFT-centered ecosystem that allows players to have full ownership of their assets. Nexon hopes to use the popularity of MapleStory to increase the speed of blockchain gaming development and the adoption of NFTs. The move also signifies the potential for blockchain technology in the gaming industry, which has a global market size of over $200 billion. MapleStory Universe will provide transparency, support an open ecosystem for contributions, and enable the free movement of in-game assets. Players will have access to an unobstructed view of the game’s decision-making process, increasing its trustworthiness. By decentralizing its control, Nexon expects more impartiality and equal distribution of rewards. However, there is no release date for the new game.

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