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Helium Migrates to Solana with 1 Million NFT Drop

The Helium Network has successfully migrated to Solana, a move expected to significantly improve the network’s reliability and scalability. Helium had minted almost one million NFTs as part of the migration, with each representing a physical hotspot node that runs on the network. Hotspot owners that support Helium through their wireless bandwidth can redeem tokens using their linked wallet. The migration plans were first announced last September when the Helium community voted in favor of the move, and it took several months of hard work to bring the plan to fruition. To enable the minting of such a high volume of NFTs, Helium utilized Solana’s state compression feature, which enables creators to mint a vast number of NFTs in a short amount of time and at an extremely low cost. As of press time, more than 332,000 NFTs had been claimed from over 991,000 NFTs on offer, according to data compiled by Flipside Crypto.

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