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Gutter Cat Gang Launches GCG Community Toolkit to Empower Members!

Digital collectible project Gutter Cat Gang has launched the GCG Community Toolkit to aid Gutter members in creating with their digital collectibles or establishing their own independent brands. The toolkit includes typefaces, brand colors, beats, fur patterns based on member holdings, a brand book, and a community badge. Members can connect their wallets on the Gutter Collectors Hub to access the toolkit and use it to create unique content. The GCG Community Toolkit also provides brand guidelines for those who wish to use the assets commercially, incentivizing the community to contribute to the brand while maintaining GCG’s control of its brand image. This move is expected to lead to the growth of the brand and the community. Gutter Cat Gang is a digital collectible brand that was launched in 2021 as the genesis collection of Gutter on the decentralized internet’s unpaved streets. The brand’s gritty aesthetic and unapologetic attitude have drawn a tribe of web3 gutter cats who are its core supporters. Gutter has become a driving force for web3 culture due to its style, storytelling, and innovative partnerships, including top names in sports and streetwear. Gutter is a global community of collectors and creators who are shaping the future of web3 culture. The metaverse, where digital identity, expression, collecting, and ownership take precedence over the physical world, is the next generation of the internet. Gutter is a next-generation brand that combines street culture and web3 culture in this new digital-first world.

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