Google Nest WiFi packs are cheaper than ever at Amazon

Google’s Nest WiFi system is currently on sale on Amazon, with a two-pack of the mesh network options costing $100, down from its typical bundle cost of $269. The deal includes a router and a point, with the three-pack option, which includes two points, also currently reduced by 50% at $175. Each Nest router and point can connect to as many as 100 devices simultaneously and has two Ethernet ports, while the point doubles as a smart speaker with Google Assistant integration. Google says the system can support multiple simultaneous 4K video streams, but that will depend on the speed of your internet plan. WiFi 6E mesh versions of the system are also available, which can work with older devices as well as those supporting WiFi 6E, with two- and three-pack bundles on sale for $250 and $340 respectively. WiFi 6E has faster speeds and lower latencies than WiFi 6 and earlier standards, alongside offering access to a broader wireless spectrum that should reduce network congestion and neighbour interference.

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