Google Nest speakers will now chime instead of talk when controlling smart home devices

Google is taking steps to silence its smart speaker, Google Assistant, from repeatedly talking to users after they give commands to a Nest device. Currently, the feature is available when a user asks the assistant to turn off lights in the room they’re in, but it will soon roll out to all smart home devices, including switches, plugs, fans, blinds, TVs and speakers. A gentle chime will signal whether the task has been completed, but users will still receive feedback if they are in different rooms from their smart speaker. Other smart speaker manufacturers, such as Amazon and Apple, have already incorporated this technology into their own products. However, all manufacturers suffer from the fact that, when something goes wrong, they tend to offer too much advice all at once. It is suggested that voice assistants should offer a gentle buzz when a command fails, along with on-screen instructions, rather than an entire manual of instructions.

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