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Global Solidarity Needed to Address Talibans Attacks on Womens Rights — Global Issues

The recent abduction of Matiullah Wesa, co-founder of Pen Path, an organization that advocates for education in Afghanistan, highlights the necessity for global solidarity and action to prevent the complete loss of the rights of women and girls in the country. The Taliban has made a concerted effort to restrict access to education for women and girls and silence advocates for an inclusive society. The Taliban has banned women from working for international and national civil society organizations, urged organizations to suspend female staff under the pretense of violating the regime’s dress code, and recently banned women from working for United Nations agencies operating in Afghanistan. In addition, women have been forced to stay at home, prevented from entering public spaces, and are fighting against limitations on their rights and restrictions against them. The international community must make aid conditional on the protection of the fundamental rights of women and girls in Afghanistan and develop a strategy to build a more inclusive and open society. Without such actions, people like Matiullah Wesa and many others who advocate for education and rights in Afghanistan will continue to face punishment, and the gains made by Afghan women in public life and work roles will be erased, and the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan will be further jeopardized.

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