Giorgio Chiellini makes Inter Miami claim for 2023 MLS Cup playoffs

When you glance at the Eastern Conference table, the odds seemed stacked against Inter Miami to make the 2023 playoffs – but Giorgio Chiellini thinks otherwise.

Before the star-studded showdown between LAFC and Miami, the Juventus legend had plenty of praise for Messi, labelling him as an “extraterrestrial.”

Chiellini’s stance didn’t change after his side’s 3-1 defeat to the Herons and he firmly believes Miami will finish the regular season in a playoff spot.

“…I think they will join the playoffs and I don’t want to be in the first seed in the East (Eastern Conference) because you reach it to face Miami in the first round and you are first or second, then it’s not so good. But this is the best team by far,” the 39-year-old said.


Chiellini went on to convey just how influential Messi is and how he displays his undeniable quality week in, week out: “He is very smart and he moves depending on the ball, depending on our positioning, depending on the space that you give him.

“He seems to be walking for most of the game, but when he feels the blood, when he feels the good senses, he completely turns his velocity, his speed, his movement.”

Messi continues to be amongst the goals and is now up to 11 with Miami, along with five assists in 11 appearances for the Herons. But in Miami’s next game against Sporting Kansas City on September 9, head coach Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino will have to make do without Messi, Josef Martinez and Drake Callender as those players and more will be out on international duty.

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