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From Ephemeral to Eternal: The Artistic Journey of Violet Bond | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture

Violet Bond is an artist and advocate for Indigenous rights from the Maningrida community in the Northern Territory, Australia. She creates ephemeral sculptures out of found objects and ceramics from wild clay and is known for her authenticity and desire for audiences to feel like they are experiencing the work with her. Her interest in ephemeral art led her to experiment with NFTs, and she regularly mints on Objkt and has sold her artwork on Foundation. Bond plans to travel back home to create a body of work focused on fire that will involve Indigenous dancers and other artists from her hometown, as well as create a new body of work for SuperRare. Bond is inspired by Ana Mendieta, an artist known for her desire to “go back to the source of life” in her work. She also advocates for Indigenous Australian rights, and hopes to change the country’s history in that regard. Bond is self-taught and studied graphic design and photography, but learned ceramics and sculpture through trial and error. Her guiding light is always to lean into what is authentic and real, and to let the environment dictate the work. Bond’s greatest regret is not pursuing Tezos sooner, though she regularly mints NFTs and sells her work. She has performed “Come to Me,” a piece made with discarded buffalo horns, and hopes to have a solo exhibition in 2024.

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