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Fracton Protocol Trading Passes the $3 Billion Mark

Fracton Protocol, an NFT fractionalization platform, has achieved over $3bn in trading volume on Kucoin in just 10 months since launching hiNFT fractional tokens. The platform works by breaking down high-value NFTs into small fractions of fungible tokens, allowing for retail traders to access and trade high-value collections such as BAYC or CryptoPunks, which were previously only accessible by a select few. Fracton currently has over 25 blue-chip NFT collections available for retail investors to access through Kucoin and Uniswap, and HiNFT tokens enable holders to gain exposure to NFT collections without having to buy the individual NFT itself. The Fracton ecosystem also includes a governance token, the Fracton Token (FT), launched in August, which serves as the primary payment mode on the platform and provides access to fractionalized NFTs. Fracton’s achievement is a testament to its success, and according to Chido, the community head at Fracton Protocol, it was no small feat, and the team is proud of their accomplishments. The innovative approach played a significant role in propelling the NFT market forward, and Fracton plans to introduce more innovative products and features to enhance user experience.

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