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For Avorak AI, creating cross-chain liquidity on Cardano and Solana is a primary objective

Blockchain networks Cardano and Solana are considered potential challengers to Ethereum, and could be aided by Avorak AI’s cross-chain liquidity feature. This allows for the transfer of assets and value across different blockchain networks, unlocking new use cases for both platforms. Avorak AI features an expansive portfolio of AI tools, such as Avorak Trade which processes and executes automatic trades according to user inputs. Investors can acquire AVRK tokens at discounted prices with 7% bonuses in the current phase four. Solana focuses on fast, cheap transactions through a combination of Proof of Stake and Proof of History consensus, while Cardano aims to provide secure and sustainable infrastructure for dApps. Its design also fosters energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Avorak AI’s cross-chain liquidity can benefit from the unique features of each blockchain network.

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