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Flash of light above Kyiv sparks buzz about falling satellite, aliens

On Wednesday night, the sky above Kyiv was lit up by a flash of light, causing widespread speculation about the cause, including crashing satellites or even aliens. Four videos posted to a Telegram channel by journalist and blogger Anatolii Sharii showed the bright light suddenly illuminating the sky, and one clip appeared to show a flaming object crashing towards the ground. The Kyiv city military administration reported that it was a crashing NASA satellite, specifically the RHESSI spacecraft, which was used to observe solar flares before being decommissioned in 2018. NASA confirmed that they are still tracking the satellite and that no other NASA satellite re-entered the atmosphere on Wednesday. They also stated that they expected most of the satellite to burn up upon entering the atmosphere, but some components may survive. However, the chance of harm to anyone on Earth from the debris was low. The Ukrainian air force speculated that a satellite or a meteorite could be responsible, while presidential advisor Andriy Yermak posted an emoji of a UFO. The incident prompted several memes on social media channels.

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