FIA rejects Ferrari appeal against Sainz penalty from Australian Grand Prix

Ferrari’s attempt to overturn the penalty that cost Carlos Sainz Jr. fourth place during the Australian Grand Prix has been rejected by the FIA. Sainz received a five-second penalty for crashing into Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso just after a restart. Ferrari presented telemetry from Sainz’s car, a statement from the Spanish driver, and comments from other drivers in interviews to argue that Sainz had low grip on cold tires with the sun in his eyes and couldn’t slow the car down enough to avoid Alonso. However, the stewards ruled that there was “no significant and relevant new element” in Ferrari’s evidence which wasn’t already clear when the penalty was issued. The ruling stated that every competitor needed to take into account the track conditions and the state of their tires and adapt accordingly. Sainz reportedly adopted a high-risk strategy when trying to brake late while racing Pierre Gasly, and the stewards deemed that he lost control of his car as a result, leading to the accident with Alonso.

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