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Experience the World of Deadmau5 with “Shadows” NFTs

The Morrison Hotel Gallery has launched a series of NFTs called “Shadows”, featuring four unique snapshots of electronic musician Deadmau5, taken by celebrity portrait photographer Timothy White. The pictures offer an intimate insight into the artist’s multifaceted character and explore his pioneering ventures in the digital domain. Zimmerman and White worked together, wearing motion sensors during the photo shoot which was designed to showcase blockchain provenance and document the entire process. The “Shadows” collection is available for purchase on the NFT marketplace MakersPlace and features four unique editions – “Alter Ego”, “Chairman of the Board”, “Me and My Shadow” and “dormau5”. Each image offers a different perspective of Deadmau5 while celebrating the artist’s multifaceted nature. “Shadows” provides an opportunity to delve into Zimmerman’s world and offers a unique insight into his persona, both on and offstage. While this article offers educational material, all investment/financial opinions expressed by are not recommendations, and individuals should conduct their own research prior to making any kind of investment.

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