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EverdreamSoft Launches ChainChronicles NFTs To Mark Historical Blockchain Events

Blockchain game developer EverdreamSoft has launched its “subscription” NFT collection ChainChronicles. The collection will honour historical events in the blockchain industry and commemorate the Spells of Genesis (SoG) collectibles first released in 2015. Subscribers can opt for one of three packs: Essential, Curator and OG. The Essential Pack, which is a monthly subscription, consists of one monthly card representing a significant event in blockchain research, exclusive artwork, SoG in-game benefits and a SoG legendary card selected at random. The Curator Pack is intended for NFT fans who want to complete the ChainChronicles collection, with three of the monthly cards plus a rare vintage NFT minted between 2015 and 2017. The OG Pack includes 10 unique units per month and a SoG card and vintage card, as well as a unique piece of artwork. EverdreamSoft launched its first NFTs for SoG in 2015, which grew in value over the years as interest in NFTs increased.

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