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Ethereum Shapella goes live on mainnet

Ethereum’s second major upgrade, Shapella, has recently been released with benefits for developers and users. One notable improvement is the optimization of costs for certain transactions, although details on this are limited. Another key feature is the ability for developers and validators to withdraw their staked ETH from the network, either partially or fully, under Ethereum Improvement Proposal 4895. However, not all ETH on the network is currently available for withdrawal, with only certain funds being unlocked. Choosing partial withdrawal sees Ethereum automatically distributed among validators while maintaining a balance of 32 ETH, while full withdrawal involves shutting down the validator altogether. The potential for withdrawals to affect the price of ETH, which is currently at a low point, is noted. However, long-term holders of Ethereum are less likely to be affected by fluctuations that may arise from Shapella implementation. There is speculation that ETH will enter a bullish phase in the future, and that withdrawn ETH may be restaked to compound rewards.

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