Elon Musk’s Twitter Blue sees a modest 28 new signups within a day of legacy checkmark purge

Twitter’s legacy user checkmark purge has resulted in only 28 new subscribers to the social media platform’s Blue subscription service, according to independent researcher Travis Brown. Of the 400,000+ legacy accounts that had been subscribed to Twitter Blue, only 19,497 have now taken out subscriptions since the purge. Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of Twitter, had removed the checkmarks to encourage verified users to buy Twitter Blue, however the move was criticised by the likes of Lebron James, Stephen King and rapper @dril. Musk has personally paid for verification for select celebrities including James, King and William Shatner. Verification was introduced to stop impersonation and only became a status symbol which could be commodified when it was later made available to anyone for $8. The platform appears to be facing an impersonation problem and last year experienced a number of technical glitches as Twitter laid off 80% of its full-time staff.

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