Elon Musk is ‘personally’ paying for some celebs’ Twitter Blue ticks

Twitter CEO Elon Musk has personally paid for the blue tick verification badges on the accounts of William Shatner, LeBron James and Stephen King, according to Musk’s own tweets. Twitter had previously said it would remove the legacy blue checkmarks for users who did not sign up to its new paid-for Twitter Blue subscription tier, which charges users $8 per month. Twitter has now removed blue checkmarks for non-paying subscribers, but some celebrities, including James and King, have been allowed to keep theirs, a privilege Musk has paid for himself. The reason behind Musk’s gesture is unclear, but the move could be an attempt to subvert Twitter’s new monetisation model. Analysts have also speculated that it may be intended as a joke, given that King and James have both previously insisted that they would not pay for verification. Removing checkmarks from non-paying users has proved to be a controversial decision for Twitter, with users in some cases seeing their follower counts and visibility decline as a result.

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