Deion Sanders receives stern approval after HBCU, Jackson State football stint

A lot of professional athletes have given love to the HBCU crowd. They would often donate cash and invest in their athletics programs such that athletes could grow. Some have deeper connections than others like Chris Paul, who studied at Winston-Salem State. But, no one has done as much for college football as Coach Deion Sanders. He changed how the Jackson State football brand was perceived in the general light before building the Colorado football team.

Deion Sanders’ impact on HBCUs

The SWAC title battle has gotten less predictable since the departure of Coach Deion Sanders. But, his impact on how HBCU football is played and seen globally is understated. A couple of experts in black education have gone on to praise the current Colorado football coach for his outstanding role in uplifting these communities. Dr. Derrick Lester, a highly-respected person who runs an organization to send children to school, was one of the people who loved the impact of Sanders. He outlined how much help Coach Prime gave to the community, via Alanis Thames of AP News.

“Although Deion has gone on to Colorado, he has given a chance to explore Black colleges. And, not just explore it, but let people know that there’s nothing wrong with going to Black colleges,” he declared.

Dr. J Kenyatta Cavil, a professor who focused on HBCU athletics, also dropped some praise for the former Jackson State football coach. “Some people may have seen him slightly bigger than the program. Some even bigger than the conference,” they said about how Deion was perceived. They then concluded by going into further detail, “He sought out the limelight. It wasn’t just for him, but to spread the light across Jackson State — I would say even the SWAC and HBCUs. But for some people, they’re not used to that and may live a more quaint lifestyle.”

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