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Decentralized Pictures Plots Its Next Web3 Grant for Filmmakers

Decentralized Pictures (DCP), a Web3 film funding platform, has announced its latest project, the iPhone Filmmaking Initiative. Leo Matchett, a representative from DCP, explained during a talk with Decrypt’s Jason Nelson at Outer Edge LA that the new grant aims to support aspiring filmmakers who filmed a short movie using only their iPhones. The grant will be administered through DCP’s crypto-native on-chain voting system.

DCP, which launched in 2018, is a platform that provides Web3-based funding for film and video projects. It operates as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), meaning that decisions regarding film funding are made by vote. DCP’s community of token holders vote on which projects to fund and how much to fund them. Token holders can exchange their tokens for DCP’s native currency, DPX/WETH, and can use them to participate in governance.

The iPhone Filmmaking Initiative is designed to encourage up-and-coming filmmakers to explore the potential of mobile technology. In a statement, Matchett said that the initiative aims to show that “great things can be achieved on a limited budget using mobile technology.”

Matchett explained that the initiative will be open to anyone who has created a short film using their iPhone, and that the submission process would be straightforward. Entrants will be required to upload their films to YouTube, and then provide a link to the video when submitting their application to DCP. Community members will view the submissions and vote on which projects to support via DCP’s on-chain voting system.

In conclusion, DCP’s iPhone Filmmaking Initiative represents an exciting opportunity for new filmmakers to access funding and showcase their talents. The use of blockchain technology in film funding also provides a new avenue for democratizing the art form and making it more accessible to a wider audience.

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