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Cyclone Ilsa: Eight fishermen feared dead, 11 survive without food or water for nearly a week | World News

Eight fishermen are feared to have drowned and another eleven rescued after being stranded on an island off the Australian coast for six days without food or water. Two wooden boats were hit by Cyclone Ilsa, resulting in one sinking and the other running aground. A survivor from the sinking boat said he had spent 30 hours in the water, tied to a fuel can to stay afloat, before eventually reaching Bedwell Island. The Australian authorities said the men were rescued after being spotted by chance from a plane on a routine surveillance mission. The survivors were taken to Broome Hospital where authorities reported them to be in good health. They are expected to be flown back to Indonesia soon. A gust of 180mph on an island off Australia’s western coast was the fastest ever recorded by the nation’s weather bureau.

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