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Cruise Passengers Allege They Weren’t Protected From Sexual Assault

A former Disney Cruise Line cast member, Rebecca Musser Taplin, has spoken out about the company’s alleged mishandling of a sexual assault during a Caribbean cruise in 2015. Taplin, who worked in guest services, claimed that a crew member tried to kiss an 11-year-old female passenger and then kissed her without consent in a lift. The girl reported the incident along with her family to guest services, after which Taplin reviewed the elevator footage and presented the alleged perpetrator, who was a waiter at one of the ship’s restaurants. Following the incident, Taplin, along with the victim’s family, claim that Disney staff failed to take the case seriously, with one senior officer even threatening the accused employee. Taplin alleges that Disney sent the accused to India instead of reporting him to the FBI as she had requested. Meanwhile, the family were offered a bedspread, and the employee who was cleaning their room apparently demonstrated how to make towel animals. In response to the allegations, a Disney spokesperson emphasised that the safety of passengers was paramount.

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