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Coral Reefs — Global Issues

Coral reefs are complex ecosystems that house an abundance of biodiversity in the seas. These reefs provide numerous benefits, such as protecting shores from waves, providing food and medicine, and generating tourism revenue for local communities. However, coral reefs are under threat from human activity and events, including coastal development, overfishing, inland pollution, and global climate change. Climate change, in particular, causes global mass coral bleaching, which leads to the death of coral and a loss of marine life. The loss of these fragile ecosystems would cost billions of dollars in lost revenue from tourism and fishing industries, as well as damage to coastal regions currently protected by the coral reefs. Additionally, the French atomic energy commission has admitted that nuclear tests in French Polynesia have harmed coral, raising concern over other negative impacts on the ecosystem. The political will to address these threats has been lacking in the past, but it is essential to take immediate action to preserve these vital marine ecosystems.

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