Clippers’ Kawhi Leonard out for Game 3 against the Suns

Kawhi Leonard will miss the LA Clippers’ Game 3 against the Phoenix Suns due to a sprained knee. The injury is reportedly unrelated to the torn ACL in the same knee that caused the player to miss the final eight playoff games last year. The Clippers are already without Paul George, who has been out of action since late March due to a knee injury, and there is no confirmation of his return date. If Leonard’s injury proves long-term, it could pose a threat to the Clippers’ ongoing playoff performance, and their future prospects could be compromised. In 2019, the team went all-in to acquire Leonard and George with the hope of building a championship roster, but ended up trading away several picks and talented players. However, their investment has not paid off so far, with the Clippers choking in the 2020 bubble playoffs and struggling to gain traction since then. If the team hopes to compete going forward, it will need both players back on their feet and maintaining their health.

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