Chris Evans will ‘never say never’ to Captain America return

Chris Evans held down the role of Captain America in the MCU for nearly a decade. While his character is now retired, Evans won’t rule out a return to the franchise.

In an interview with GQ, Evans had a simple response to the question of whether he’d return to the MCU. “I’ll never say never, just because it was such a wonderful experience,” he said of a Captain America return.

From 2011 to 2019, Evans played Captain America in the MCU. This began with The First Avenger, the first Captain America solo film, and he’d lead two more solo films. Additionally, Evans returned to play the role in the Avengers team-up films. Endgame gave him a chance to step away from the franchise and Anthony Mackie has taken over the mantle, but money speaks. And with the multiverse being a big part of the MCU, who’s to say that he can’t be written back into the fold?

Since his MCU exit, Chris Evans has begun taking on varied roles. The first example of this was Knives Out — which brought him back to his pre-MCU roots. He played the obnoxious and arrogant Ransom in the film. He’d then voice the titular character in Lightyear before starring with Ryan Gosling in The Gray Man. The Russo Brothers, who directed a number of Captain America and Avengers films, directed The Gray Man for Netflix.

In 2023, Evans reunited with Knives Out star Ana de Armas in Ghosted. He’ll reprise the role of Lucas Lee in the upcoming Scott Pilgrim Takes Off. The Netflix series is an anime adaptation of the popular manga. Evans previously played the role in Edgar Wright’s live-action 2010 film.

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