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China backs Macron’s Ukraine peace efforts — RT World News

China has voiced support for efforts by European leaders to restart peace negotiations in Ukraine and create a secure framework for the continent, according to Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry. During a media briefing, Wang urged all sides to take into account the “legitimate concerns of all parties” involved in the ongoing conflict. The comments followed reports that French President Emmanuel Macron had sought Chinese assistance in de-escalating the crisis. During a recent visit to Beijing, Macron called on Chinese President Xi Jinping to use Chinese influence to persuade Russia to change its approach to the Ukraine situation. France has been among the nations to provide weapons to Ukraine and has supported the US position that Russia’s military operation in Ukraine was unprovoked. China has not supported Russia’s decision to use military force but has argued that NATO expansion and the West’s lack of acknowledgment of Russian security concerns were at the heart of the conflict. Earlier this month, Xi stated there can be no easy solution to the crisis and that all sides needed to work to establish mutual trust.

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