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ChatGPT for health care providers: Can the AI chatbot make the professionals’ jobs easier?

OpenAI’s natural language processing model, ChatGPT, released in December 2022, could potentially impact healthcare by providing clinical decision support to doctors and medical professionals. Large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT up the game in medical AI, as they are not limited to specific disease states and can adapt to new situations, use medical knowledge and perform basic reasoning tasks. Doctors can enter medical records into LLMs like ChatGPT to get second opinions. AI-generated suggestions have been found to offer unique perspectives and were evaluated as highly understandable and relevant regarding clinical decisions. ChatGPT’s potential for health education in a clinical setting is also considered exciting. The lowest-hanging fruit for using ChatGPT in healthcare is to streamline administrative tasks, such as medical notes and documentation, prior authorisations, billing and coding, and analytics. Potential risks discussed include serious privacy concerns and the risk of ChatGPT generating false information, which can be dangerous. Language generation engines like ChatGPT need to ensure they provide answers that are explainable or can be verified by the user, produce output that is faithful to the facts and without bias, and are trustworthy for use in healthcare.

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