Brewers vs. Mariners prediction and odds (Brewers will regress)

As the Milwaukee Brewers continue to soar with a 12-5 record, the New York Yankees star comments on the possibility of landing Shohei Ohtani. Meanwhile, the Brewers are facing the Seattle Mariners tonight in the hopes of continuing their winning streak, although many believe that regression may be coming for their team. While the Brewers have strong numbers and rankings, they may not be able to continue at their current level of play for much longer. In contrast, the Mariners have a strong bullpen with an ERA of 3.43 and a solid starting pitcher in Logan Gilbert, who boasts an ERA of just 2.70 through his first three starts. With Milwaukee hitting the back end of their rotation with Colin Rea, some believe that regression from both him and the Brewers’ offense may be imminent. As a result, many predict that the Mariners will be the victors of tonight’s game.

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