Biggest blowout in an NBA Playoff game

During the NBA playoffs, teams compete to make it to the Finals and win the Larry O’Brien trophy as champions. While some games can be closely-contested classics, others can be completely one-sided, leaving fans of the winning team jubilant and those of the losing team feeling miserable. In the history of NBA playoffs, the largest margin of victory in a game is 58 points, achieved twice. The Denver Nuggets won 121-63 against the New Orleans Hornets in 2009 during a first-round series in which the Nuggets were the second seed and the Hornets were the seventh seed. The other time was in 1956 during the Western Division Semifinals when the Minneapolis Lakers defeated the St. Louis Hawks 133-75. The Lakers were down 0-1 to the Hawks, who had beaten them 116-115 in the previous game, but Minneapolis bounced back to win the game. In both instances, the winning teams’ players made a high percentage of shots, with some scoring double-digit points. While the one-sided games can provide some stress-free relief for winning teams, they can be tough on the losing teams’ fans. The NBA playoffs last for two months, providing plenty of opportunities for both closely-fought and one-sided games. Fans will be waiting to see if a team can ever win by a margin of more than 58 points during the playoffs.

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