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Best Crypto to Buy Now 18 April – RNDR, INJ, MANA

Bitcoin has risen back to the $30,000 mark after reaching a low of $29,100, causing other cryptocurrencies like ether to also see gains. Matteo Bottacini, a trader at Crypto Finance AG, believes that altcoins may exhibit positive momentum with limited downside risk because many of them are currently in a state of uncertainty. Recent research from Bernstein shows that macro-catalysts are lining up in favor of Bitcoin, while Coinbase’s CEO expressed concerns about the lack of regulatory clarity in the US, suggesting that the company may invest more heavily in other parts of the world.
Meanwhile, in the current market, several coins like LHINU, RNDR, DLANCE, INJ, ECOTERRA, MANA, and TARO have been identified through technical or fundamental analysis as some of the best cryptocurrencies to buy now.
Love Hate Inu is a latest meme coin, with its distinctive vote-to-earn mechanism and staking capabilities. Its presale has managed to accumulate over $4.6 million, positioning it as one of 2023’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency assets. Render token is experiencing a remarkable 48% price jump so far in April, while DeeLance utilizes blockchain technology in a Web3 environment to create a more streamlined and transparent freelancing marketplace. Injective’s native crypto, INJ, has grabbed attention as the company establishes a cloud computing collaboration with Tencent. It faces immediate resistance at the current swing high of $9.97.

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