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Best bidet of 2023 | CNN Underscored

CNN Underscored’s Earth Week features tips on how to live more sustainably, products to help you spend more time in nature, and exclusive deals. The article discusses the benefits of bidets for sustainable living by offsetting deforestation and the vast amounts of water that go into paper production. The article also reviews the best bidets by testing 19 of the most popular bidets in the market. The Tushy Classic is the best bidet attachment for beginners, while the Alpha JX and Toto Washlet C2 are the best bidet seats, with the Alpha JX featuring an infinite warm water supply and the Toto Washlet C2 having better stream and dryer performance. The Toto Washlet K300 is the best luxury bidet that has superior comfort, performance, and unlimited warm water, according to the article. The Tushy Classic 3.0 is a fantastic bidet for beginners and a great value at just under $100 or for a low-cost bidet that is simple to set up, effective and not overly complicated. The article also highlights the importance of compatibility with the toilet when selecting a bidet, and electric bidet seats can give warm water wash in two ways: through a tank that holds a set amount of water and keeps it warm for about 20 to 30 seconds or through a coil heating system that instantly heats the water as it passes through the bidet. The Alpha JX uses the latter and is more affordable than its competitors and provides luxury features like a heated seat, dryer, and fully customizable stream, all adjustable from a remote control, according to the article. On the other hand, the Toto Washlet C2 has a limited warm water supply due to its tank system but provides a luxurious wash and dry cycle and features a deodorizer and a pre-mist that sprays the toilet bowl when you sit down, according to the article.

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