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Bebe Rexha Launches “Bebes Mothership Hot Box” on Terrazero IntraVerse

Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Bebe Rexha has partnered with Web3 platform TerraZero to create Bebe’s Hot Box Mothership, a unique metaverse experience. The platform, built using TerraZero’s “Intraverse Technology,” lets fans explore a virtual spaceship where they can discover new music by Rexha and win special prizes. The virtual environment is decorated in a vintage style, with a mechanism that allows users to simulate smoking a virtual joint. It marks the first time that Warner Records, Rexha’s music label, has worked with TerraZero. Rexha’s songs include “Meant to Be,” a 10x platinum track that topped the charts in 2017, and “Satellite,” which features rapper Snoop Dogg and was released ahead of the 4/20 holiday. The singer started her career writing songs for other artists before becoming a performer in her own right.

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