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BAYC Hits Incredible 1 Million ETH Milestone

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), an Ethereum-based NFT collection, has surpassed 1 million ETH in trading volume, which amounts to over $2.7 billion in all-time sales. The achievement comes two years after the Yuga Labs-created collection was launched, and just two years since its younger rival, Axie Infinity, which is the only NFT collection with more sales than BAYC, was launched. BAYC’s milestone highlights continued interest in NFTs despite the crypto-winter, with blue-chip collections like BAYC remaining highly rated among collectors. The community celebrated the achievement through a special edit of a Jimmyfied BAYC member called “ONE MILLION ETH” created by member BoredOHms, founder of Sewer Apes, which not only showed unity in the BAYC community but also highlighted the freedom that comes with holding and customizing NFTs.

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