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Bass allots $1.3 billion to address homelessness in L.A. budget

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass has announced that $1.3 billion of her proposed budget will go towards addressing homelessness in the city, representing a 9.7% increase from the prior year. The budget includes $250 million for Inside Safe, a program aimed at moving unhoused residents from street encampments indoors. The city plans to acquire at least eight hotels or motels for the program. Bass’ budget includes funding for police department homeless services and the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, as well as for housing acquisition and rehabilitation. While the budget includes hundreds of millions of dollars in state grants and Proposition HHH capital expenditures, these funding sources have tapered off from their peaks. The budget also features $230 million from the state’s Homeless Housing, Assistance and Prevention Program and $68 million in federal grants for Project Homekey sites. The budget includes $72 million for the city’s Comprehensive Cleaning and Rapid Engagement Plus program and $4.1 million for the Community Investment for Families Department’s Solid Ground Program. Bass’ proposal must be reviewed and approved by the council by May 31 and will cover the fiscal year starting on July 1.

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