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Azuki, Beanz Creator Unveils Partnership With Line Friends (IPX)

Web3 company Chiru Labs, parent company of the popular NFT collections Azuki and Beanz, has formed a strategic partnership with digital IP platform IPX. The collaboration marks Line Friends’ first venture into Web3 technology. Line Friends is a global character brand that originated from the Line messaging app, based on cute characters created by the messaging communications. The Line Friends brand, which has more than three million active US user, has an even bigger market in Asia, with around 178 million active monthly users across Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. The company has several merchandise lines, retail stores and cafes worldwide featuring its iconic characters and themed products. The collaboration is expected to result in co-branded content and merchandise between Beanz and LINE Friends, as well as immersive IRL activations that combine the two worlds. In a press release, Logan Cho, head of the Metaverse Business at IPX, said, “offering collaborative opportunities for both NFT holders and character IP enthusiasts alike”. The two companies are hoping that by utilising their strengths, they can appeal to fans of both types of branding and increase their audience base.

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