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Apple crypto users potentially exposed to iOS, macOS vulnerabilities

Apple’s macOS and iOS devices have been targeted by a hacking campaign, with cryptocurrency users now potentially compromised. Researchers from cybersecurity firm Kaspersky revealed they had discovered two vulnerabilities in macOS and one in iOS which could have allowed hackers to access sensitive data. The cyber-attackers behind the campaign, dubbed LuckyMouse, have previously targeted government and financial organisations in Asia, although this marks the first time the group has specifically targeted cryptocurrency users. The campaign involves distributing malware using websites designed to mimic genuine sites. Once a user clicks on the malicious site, a Trojan is downloaded. This attack then allows the hackers to gain control of infected devices, granting them access to data stored on them, as well as cryptocurrencies stored in associated wallets. Kaspersky said: “Our observations show that LuckyMouse is a highly active and dangerous APT [advanced persistent threat] with traditional espionage motives.” In addition, researchers note the systematic approach the group took. Despite using techniques such as website spoofing, researchers said the hackers refrained from using techniques to retain their malicious sites on search engine results for a long period of time. Last month, a report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation highlighted an increase in reports of hacking attempts against cryptocurrency exchanges, many of which were attributed to state-sponsored attackers. The report noted these cyber-attacks were seen as an “emerging threat” to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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