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AILAND joins hands with SKALE to build a gaming experience

Blockchain-powered gaming platform AILAND has partnered with SKALE to benefit from the latter’s low cost, scalability, and speed benefits for network interconnected EVM blockchain. The partnership will allow game developers in the AILAND community to construct customised chains to suit their requirements, thereby ensuring better control of decentralised applications for a more immersive gaming experience. Additionally, SKALE will offer free transactions to AILAND users, while AILAND combines blockchain and AI technologies to offer a personalised experience to gamers. The partnership complements AILAND’s objective of creating an evolving and immersive playground for gamers who can socialise, compete and advance within the network. AILAND has also announced a giveaway of an Amber NFT for followers who subscribe to its YouTube channel and provide their NEAR wallet details in the comments section of its announcement.

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