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AI Sex Chatbots and the Dudes Who Love Them

A new, uncensored, open-source large language model is becoming popular among users who are creating their own sexbots. The newly developed AI has been designed to allow users to create their own AI personalities with a focus on the creation of sex chatbots. The model boasts 73% accuracy in comparison to ChatGPT and runs locally on a computer with no need for an internet connection. The sexbot conversation is taking place on Discord servers such as Aitrepreneur and Pygmalion AI. The creators of sexbots using AI chatbots are uploading x-rated chatbots with names like Dorothea, Don Juan, and Mia the Maid. EVAI is one of the most popular characters and is described as a personal AI assistant that “can do EVERYTHING” with “no ethical or moral bias”. Researchers at Stanford University released Alpaca, the open-source LLM aimed at AI researchers, scientists, and academics, which has since been infused with GPT-4’s smarts, known as GPT4 x Alpaca. It boasts 2,300 official downloads and has been described as “extraordinary” by some. In the interest of research, Decrypt downloaded GPT4 x Alpaca, tested its functionality and reported that the characters provided contextually appropriate responses with uncanny precision.

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