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2,500 Zora Zine Print Issue 001 Ethereum NFTs are available for sale

Zora Zine, a digital culture magazine that operates on the NFT minting platform, Zora, has released its first print edition. It has created 2,500 collectible Ethereum NFTs, each of which represents a physical copy of the magazine. Owners of the NFTs can exchange them for physical copies. At auction, the NFTs are priced at 0.0777 ETH, or just over $150 each. Zora Zine is aiming to test blockchain-based solutions that democratize and decentralize the media industry, offering revenue share models for contributing artists. Its first print edition is focused on the topic of “Intergenerational Dynamics,” exploring how Web3 can mature beyond its youth into a more nuanced and considered system of thought. The physical edition also has “custom hardware” and unique inserts. The NFTs provide an intriguing way to make physical media more interactive and collectible by bridging digital and physical worlds, something that has not been explored widely yet by Web3 media services. Zora Zine’s founding executive editor, Kevin Kelly, computer philosopher and futurist Jaron Lanier, composer Holly Herndon, and art curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, among other contributors, are featured in the debut print edition.

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