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23 Greedy And Manipulative Bosses Who Made The Mistake Of Trying Employees Who Ain't Having It

This article highlights 23 instances where bosses attempted to manipulate or exploit their employees, only to be met with resistance and sometimes even consequences. These bosses may have used tactics such as lying, taking credit for employees’ work, or attempting to extort workers for personal gain.

In one example, a boss fabricated a story about a coworker stealing company property in order to get the employee fired and then attempted to revoke their unemployment benefits. In another instance, a boss lied about an employee’s performance in order to justify a lower salary.

Other examples include bosses who refused to pay employees correctly or on time, sexually harassed their employees, or made insensitive comments about race or gender. In some cases, employees were able to push back against these behaviors and make changes within the company, while in others, legal action was taken.

The article serves as a reminder of the importance of treating employees fairly and respectfully. It also highlights the power dynamics at play in the workplace and the potential for abuse of that power. Ultimately, the message is clear: no one, no matter how senior, should attempt to manipulate or exploit their employees for personal gain.

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