10 sports figures we’d like to spend 4/20 with

The author of this article expresses their love for smoking weed with friends and the communal aspect it brings. They mention how they expect a resurgence of smoking joints once half of Gen Z has throat cancer due to vape pens being on the rise. The author then moves on to share the sports figures they would like to get high with, but provides a disclaimer that they have no evidence that these individuals smoke weed. The list includes a mix of current and retired athletes such as LeBron James, Conor McGregor, and Ricky Williams. The author provides humorous reasons for why they would like to smoke with each athlete, ranging from LeBron James potentially being the “highest” player in the NBA to Conor McGregor potentially being the most entertaining high. The article ends by stating that the author’s wish list will remain a fantasy, but it’s always nice to dream.

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